Australian Sydney Realty distinguishes itself from the rest of the industry through the experience and dedication of our sales, structure and marketing team. With our tailor made sales marketing and sales plans, we ensure that desired results are achieved well beyond expectations.

We believe that a successful sale is the result of getting it right the first time, and we offer only the finest quality and expertise of services, from the marketing through to the Auctioneer. Through our regular benchmark auctions, selling prices and portfolio campaigns, we have developed the necessary skills to ensure the best result.

Experience and Market Knowledge

Boasting over a decade of experience in Sales and Marketing, we have the necessary experience and awareness of market movement to effectively target the correct market and take the necessary steps to achieve positive results.

Proactive Sales Management

Proactive Management is conducted through the allocation of all duties to experienced, qualified and capable sales agents with extensive knowledge and capacity to carry out the tasks. Progress of the sale is informed to all members of the sales team to ensure uniform awareness within the office.

Innovative, Vibrant and Bespoke Marketing

We aim to create marketing material that stands out from the rest. Marketing brochures, CL cards and other materials are tailor made for each property to highlight the positive aspects, and suit the target market for each individual property.

 Communications Plan

Our Communications Plan ensures that all parties are aware of the status and progress of the sale. Agents are available for clients whenever required as we believe that communication is one of the key factors for successful relations and business, as well as client satisfaction and results.

Market Appraisal

Our company is proud of our reputation in service and commitment to our clients. We ensure our marketing and sales proposals are tailor-made, based on each individual client, their needs and their property.We would love to provide you with a free, tailor-made, no obligation marketing and sales proposal. We require some details to ensure that we are well equipped to provide the best marketing and sales proposal for you.  Alternatively, contact our expert Sales team today on (02) 8073 0666 to speak directly with one of our experienced Sales Agents.